Many individuals claim to be human resource specialists but very few can claim the capabilities of the People Factor Group. Our team delivers a wide range of human capital solutions to organisations of all sizes who are struggling with people management and development issues.

Has the employment relations landscape got you totally confused about your obligations?

Is Human Resources another language to you?

Are you in need of professional outsourced Human Resources support?

The People Factor Group understands that our clients are not a one size fits all solution and that different types of business need different solution strategies and expertise.  We offer our clients a comprehensive selection of professional outsourced HR services.  People Factor Group provides outsourced solutions for small to medium organisations to fulfil their people functions without the cost associated with having a full time HR department.  We work alongside Organisational CEO’s, Managing Directors and Senior Management to achieve human capital outcomes in line with strategic business goals.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

  • Flexibility
  • Cost Control
  • Stronger focus on core business
  • Reduce potential risks
  • Faster growth

One of the main advantages of outsourcing your people management is the way in which outsourcing can help increase a company’s flexibility, from cost efficiency to time flexibility.  With the reduction in need to purchase assets for a fixed permanent employee, a company is given the ability to be flexible with the outsourced business to move with the needs, capacity and demands of the business.  Your business is able to focus on its core competencies without the burden of adhering to bureaucratic demands that employee relations can place on an employer.

Your business can maintain its growth goals while avoiding potential business roadblocks therefore allowing you to retain the entrepreneurial speed and agility which may otherwise have been sacrificed.  Especially if your business is in a steep growth phase!  Your company may be able to grow at a faster pace being less constrained by large capital expenditures for people or assets that may take years to amortize.  People Factor Group can help you achieve your people needs and employer commitments faster and at a fraction of the cost of a employing a fulltime HR specialist.

Our clients have selected the People Factor Group because of our commitment to their business providing solutions that are focused on their needs, size and budget.  Saving our clients $000’s on recruitment and retention (turnover) and the delay in needing to employ a permanent HR professional – keeping their overheads down for a longer period of time.

Does your business need a Consultant, Mentor, Coach or Advisor??

There is often a lot of confusion around the difference between a consultant, coach, mentor or advisor.  Quite often people get them wrong and engage a specialist to find they are not getting exactly what they wanted.  People Factor Group provides the following services in line with the descriptors below:


People Factor Group will

“do it for you”


People Factor Group will

“show you how to do it, as they have the experience and done it before”


People Factor Group will

help you do it for yourself”


People Factor Group will

“provide advice specific to the problem”

Each of the above have a place and time within a business when they are required.  Depending on the learning outcome, which service you need to engage to get the right desired outcome.